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Hookah – a favorite pastime of yesteryear which is still in vogue!

Interesting traditional objects shared by many diverse cultures around the world have always invoked curiosity. A Hookah pipe is no different. The word Hookah originates from the Urdu word huqqa which was used extensively in the Mughal Empire. In most cultures around the world, it is called Argilah or Nargilah and is derived from the Persian word nrghile which means coconut, implying that early hookahs were made out of coconut shells. The tobacco used is usually flavored and is called Muassel.

Hookah Lounge


The concept of Hookah is seen to have originated from India where it was a wealthy past time with its popularity reaching a peak during the Mughal rule. After that it faded away into oblivion slowly, only to resurrect itself now with many new age restaurants and cafes offering it as a consumable. Although the west caught on to the hookah craze late, the new phenomenon is seeing a surge in popularity, especially with young adults who are in college. Today, thanks to the huge population of people of different origins moving around the world, the time-honored tradition of Hookah smoking is preserved and spread by numerous hookah lounges and cafes. The different constituents used in the hookah have also changed along with the evolution of this time-tested ritual.

Earlier the tobacco selection was restricted to a few brands with a handful of flavors only. Nowadays, the modern hookah smoker has a wide variety of hookah tobacco to choose from. He is also spoilt for choices when it comes to the hundreds of flavors of tobacco available. The hookah charcoal which is an essential component of the hookah smoking experience is also available in a wide range of choices to cater to the ever-evolving tastes of the hookah smoking population. The hookah design has evolved drastically in the recent past with the introduction of new types of bowls, shisha, and hoses. The process, though, has remained unchanged since antiquity. The charcoal heats the shisha and produces vapor which is passed through water and inhaled.

If the actual hookah smoking process has not changed over time, then how does such a process attract the millions of modern day population who are always on the lookout for new pastimes in life? The art of preparing the bowl, the science of making the perfect hookah smoke and the zing of smoking it in the best company has always made people believe that they are a part of the perfect gathering in which all the partakers felt in harmony with a common purpose. While the modern hookah lounges and cafés may innovate and experiment with the hoses and the shisha, they can achieve real success only when they give their customers this feeling of oneness and togetherness.

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